Despite attending school for years and years, not everything that you must know about starting a business is taught. It’s just so frustrating to know that right after graduating college, you still have so much more to learn in order to succeed. But fret not, because there are tons of books out there to help you with that. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, here is a list of recommended books to boost your business knowledge.

Susie Moore’s “What If it Does Work Out?”

Moore’s book aims to help struggling entrepreneurs face and overcome harsh circumstances. She used various kinds of illustrative examples to portray the benefits of having successful self-employment. Her book also guides future entrepreneurs through possible difficulties and irrational fears that prevent their improvement and growth.

Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game”

In this book, author Simon Sinek argues that today’s entrepreneurs should give more attention and focus on building different organizations where conviction and flexibility take the spotlight. He added that a lot of companies tend to always rise and fall. Meanwhile, organizations that give precedence to unswerving progress with the assistance of constant innovation will outlast those who trade boundless feasibility for immediate rewards.

Gene Hammett’s “The Trap of Success”

In this book, Hammett specifically tackles the topic of how you can become a billionaire. Yes, his book does not focus on business strategies or the proper working habits and instead, he decided to give emphasis on the process that comes after the start of a business. Gene Hammett believes that real leaders need a guide on how they can maintain their success for it is a never-ending journey.

Randy Frisch’s “F!ck Content Marketing”

Frisch created this book to provide information that is not usually grasped by other manuscripts or books. In this guide, Randy Frisch talks about the importance of content and how it’s affected by internal or external factors.