It is always a great idea to introduce books and reading to your child at an early age. They will develop motor and critical thinking skills as they engage in this activity. But kids are picky when it comes to what they spend time in. Long and dull books will not work so it is best to keep them engaged in picture books.

The next thing you might think of is what book would your child like. It all depends on what your kid likes. Here are some recommendations that your kids will surely enjoy reading.

Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever

The book was written by Beatrice Alemagna. It is about a boy who dreamt of having his first birthday party ever. Since his parents have no clue what to do, they called a local problem solver to handle the case. The man promised the best day for the little man. Little did they know, he started marching in a group of animals into their pristine home.

While it seemed all chaos and disaster for the adults, Harold and the kids loved having the animals around for his birthday. It also made a happy ending, reminding the parents of their natural instinct. Life must be enjoyed.

On the Origin of Species

Yes, this book is written to show Charles Darwin’s study. Sabina Radeva mastered the art of combining facts, as a biologist, with storytelling. Serious scientific reports and work never aims to target the younger generation. But Radeva wanted it to be different because he wants the little ones to appreciate these big discoveries for humankind.

Chatterbox Bear

This tells a story of a bear who decides to leave his kind to discover others who would appreciate his never-ending chitchat. On his journey, he met with tropical birds. The only problem is that they can’t communicate well since he talks bear-sounds and the birds talk bird-sounds. Eventually, they learned to understand each other and enjoy the company.

Five More Minutes

The story of a young clever fox who talks about time to his father. The big fox always complains of not having enough time, while his son explains they have plenty of it.