Famous erotic author Judith Krantz died at the age of 91.

According to sources, the author died due to natural cause (her immediate family is still discreet in revealing the specific disease).

Judith was born in New York in 1928 and started to hone her writing prowess at the Wellesley College. At the budding stage of her career, several publications spotted her potential. And it was the woman magazine Cosmopolitan that gave her the grandest break. She wrote the “The Myth of the Multiple Orgasm” in the said magazine.

When she reached 50, Judith focused on writing fiction stories. But still the same, she clad these fiction articles with sex scenarios. 

One of her top-billed fiction is the Scruples. The story of this novel revolves on a classy Beverly Hills boutique owner named Billy Ikehorn. Billy is known for engaging in rampant sex and playing around her two hundred and fifty million dollars assets.

This masterpiece placed Judith on the spotlight, and she was considered as an innovator of the late 70s. She successfully integrated the sex and luxury style in writing novels.

British media personality India Knight praised the prolific writing skills of Judith. She said that the Scruples is the bonkiest of the 80s bonkbusters that everyone must always look behind.

Judith wrote nine more novels, and most of them were adapted as a television series.

Due to her exceptional skills in writing seductive novels, a lot of people dug deeper into Judith’s life. And the public was shocked upon knowing that she is a happily married woman with two God-fearing kids. The people couldn’t find reasons how she got the nerve of writing controversial topics, mostly about sex.

According to Judith, it is running on the blood. She loves writing, and that’s the only reason that kept her going for decades.

Before her death, Judith said that she wants the people to remember her as the one and only ‘Sex and Shopping’ author.