What we know from World War II are mostly those that we learned from the four corners of our classrooms. The picture that was instilled into our minds is not necessarily pleasant. There were massacres, genocides, and countless strife that ultimately led to more than 80 million of the population getting wiped out. There was the Holocaust. There was mass starvation all around and various diseases are widespread. And who could ever forget the nuclear warfare that left to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan seemingly an uninhabited desert.

Stories from this particular time in history are so fascinating to read and explore. They give you different perspectives from different characters that will make you understand what it like was to live during those troubled times.

We’re giving you three good reads to pick up if you happen to be one of those people hungry for books centered on the Second World War.  

#1 The Night Watch

Authored by Sarah Waters, this book is a historical fiction set in war-torn London from 1942 to 1947. What’s interesting about this book is that its plot moves backward in time as it follows the development of main characters Kay, Viv, Helen, Julia, and Duncan. Waters yet again showed here excellence in narrating historical romance with this one. Her character development engages readers more as she slowly reveals their complex and multi-layered personalities. Although the book is a hefty one, her on-point narration of the war and her exquisite writing style will make you breeze through this. This is a must to include in your to-read list if you love reading romantic/historical dramas.

#2 The Zookeeper’s Wife

This follows couple Antonina and Jan Zabinski as they try to rebuild their life after the zoo that they own was completely devastated during the war in Warsaw, Poland. The couple decided to join the resistance after converting the zoo into a farmland, secretly harboring runaway Jews. Author Diane Ackerman builds her story from the perspective of Antonina’s personal diary. The book explores the relationship of Jan and Antonina and the hardships they encounter brought about by the warfare. Antonina’s character is so beautifully drawn that you will have a hard time putting this book down.

#3 The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah massive bestseller needs no further introduction. This is about sisters Vianne and Isabelle who lived in France at the start of the war. The sisters have become estranged to one another as they took on different paths life and try to survive the difficult times of war. Isabelle joins the French Resistance and battles the efforts of the Nazi propaganda. Vianne, on the other hand, was left alone to care for their daughter as her husband joins the war efforts as a drafted soldier. The evocative way of Hannah’s storytelling brings her characters closer to the readers and make them feel invested even more. The book is a sure tear-jerker as it effectively sweeps away all your emotional barriers as you read along.